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TDL Meet Stephon 1

On Stage

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
You would think you were listening to a recording of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. speaking. From the pulpit of Dexter Avenue in Montgomery Alabama to the Teatro Lope de Vega in Madrid Spain, Ferguson has raised brows, brought chills and tears and aroused the conscious of people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds by delivering dead-on, pitch perfect renditions of Dr. King's speeches and sermons. His mission is to share his gift with the world to help continue the legacy of Dr. King by not only performing King's words but more importantly educating people about his philosophy of love, nonviolence, peace and unity to help bring about positive change.

Motivational Speaker
Unlike any other motivational speaker in the world, Ferguson gives you a full package. Sprinkled with live King Quotes, a series of surprise voices and a touch of humor, he specializes in the areas of self empowerment, diversity, unity, and discovering your true worth.. When you need a strong dose of motivation, inspiration, he's your man. With a diverse speaking talent and enhanced training from the world's leading speakers Les Brown and John Maxwell, Ferguson delivers the punch you need. He is a member of the John Maxwell Team serving as a Speaker, Facilitator and Coach.

Gospel Comedian
Stephon Ferguson transforms into the hilarious pastor of Fifth Chance Ministries Church. As the youngest boy in a family of 12 and both parents being ministers, and his father serving as a Pastor, Ferguson knows firsthand what goes on in and around the church. He introduces a different voices inlcuding the raspy voiced Rev. CT Butla who considers himself the voice between the back pew and the altar, and Mother Shephard who is the mother of the church. His strong performance will have you laughing from beginning to end and is profanity-free and family friendly.

Off Stage

Voice Overs
Ferguson has several voices and a character for each voice. They include, but are not limited to.... Martin Luther King, Jr., Rev. CT Butla, President Bill Clinton, Jesse Jackson, Mutha Shephad (79 year old mother of the church) Gandhi, Steve Blackmon (News Reporter) Ed Wado (Spanish/Mexican/Jamaican Mix) Baby Bubba (Country Music DJ) & Kenard. Some of his work>>> VoiceOverWork


Born: March 1 Albany, New York
Lives in: Atlanta, Georgia
71st High School Fayetteville, NC
US Army Sergeant E-5 Airborne / Expert Field Medic
Academy of Health Sciences, San Antonio Texas
Mass Communications / Broadcasting
Theater/Georgia Perimiter College - Film/Georgia State University
Morehouse School of Religion - ITC / Master of Divinity 
News Reporter Cumulus Broadcasting
John Maxwell Team / National Speakers Assoc. / Toastmasters
Senior Editor:

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MLK Performer - Motivational Speaker - Gospel Comedian